The inspiration behind innovative furniture design

While every design that is created, be it fashion or furniture, must have found its inspiration in something, the extent of that creativeness is often capped. Of course, antiques are typically the superlative interior when aiming to enhance the ambience of a home, yet, they are often out of budget for many buyers. Alternatively, head to our auction for a timeless classic from a quality British furniture and interiors brand.

Antiques inspiration is behind the vision, style and techniques. The designer has an intrinsic understanding of the little elements that make for exquisite interiors. It is the fusion of such experience, along with respect of traditional handcraftsmanship methods, and a proud British heritage, which mark the distinctive nature of pieces within this collection.

The effortless juxtaposition of antique meets contemporary is somewhat of a novelty within the interiors industry. All pieces are timeless classics, created with an astute awareness of the fickle nature of fashion. While what’s in trend will come and go, both the style and durability of these items are made to stand the test of time. Classics once stuck in their intended era, are enticed into the modern day. Such forward-thinking furniture, takes from the past, yet reimagines its flair with innovation, a trait that can be seen in every piece at this auction.

No matter where it may arise, this pioneering designer takes their inspiration from the most unsuspected objects. From battered old travel trunks, to military drums and retro playing cards, having an eye for what works ensures that any muse can be moulded into exceptional, functional works of art for your home. It is furniture that promises to be a talking point in any home. What’s better? It can be purchased at a discount price from our auction this summer.

Snap up a unique piece at the Pro Auction sale, taking place over three days between the 18 and 20 July 2017 at The Furniture Makers Hall 12 Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HE. With over 3000 items being offered, both by traditional auction and by online bidding, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Register today to find out full details, view the catalogue, and participate in the sale at – alternatively, call 01761 414000 for further details.

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