How To Use Vintage Furniture In Your Contemporary Home

There has been a growing trend in the interior design world of blending old and new pieces of furniture together to create an eclectic and luxurious look. However, many homeowners and those redecorating are hesitant to use vintage pieces as they are unsure of how vintage furniture or antique items can work in a modern home. Luckily, they work really well and you shouldn’t be put off choosing vintage items if your home is contemporary.

Adding Vintage Furniture To A Modern Home

There are a few different ways to add vintage furniture into a room that is primarily filled with modern items and a contemporary design. Here are some of the easiest ways to get the look:

  • Adding a vintage desk and chair to a modern room is a subtle way to combine old and new pieces. Vintage desks and chairs rarely look out of place and as they are usually relatively plain in design, they will fit in well in any room. 
  • A design trend that continues to remain popular is mixing different styles of chairs and this works well with contemporary and vintage ones. Choose a selection of styles and place them around the same dining table, it will create a relaxed look whilst being eclectic and on trend. Plus, it’s ideal if you have a number of different chairs that don’t match.
  • Pair a vintage table with contemporary chairs. The overall look will appear modern, but eagle eyed guests will see the history behind the table. 
  • Though blending old and new pieces together is popular, you could do the opposite and make a vintage piece the focal point of the room. In this case, it’s important to have the vintage item standing out from everything else. 
  • Vintage furniture doesn’t need to be used for it’s intended purpose and changing where and how you use an item can help it to work well in a home. For example, if you find yourself with a large vintage wardrobe and are struggling to find room for it in the bedroom, use it in the kitchen or living room as extra storage.

If you have your eye on a piece of vintage furniture or you already have some in your collection, don’t let a modern home put you off adding them into a room. With so many different ways to use vintage furniture in a contemporary setting, you’re able to experiment until discovering what looks best. To find one of a kind vintage furniture pieces or to add something new to your home, check out the Iconic Furniture Auction.

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