How To Find An Expert To Value Your Luxury Furniture

If you have a piece of luxury furniture you wish to auction it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you haven’t auctioned anything before and are relatively unclear as to how it all works. One of the most important parts of auctioning luxury furniture pieces is to ensure you have an expert value the item before going to auction; this means finding someone who is knowledgeable, experienced and informed about the type of piece you are auctioning off. After all, it’s little use going to a contemporary furniture expert if you’re wanting to auction of something that’s much older and is one of a kind.

Having Luxury Furniture Valued For Auction

Finding an expert to value your luxury furniture can be straightforward and stress-free, if you know where to look and what to do. Experts can be found online, on recommendations from friends and at the auction houses themselves, and there’s a great deal to choose from all with the required knowledge of interior design and luxury items. However, once you have found an expert who knows what they’re doing it’s time to focus on receiving the best possible price for your lot.

When a piece of luxury furniture is valued, the following things should be taken into consideration; the condition, age, type, style and origin. All of these elements work together to give the item an overall value. For example, an older item in pristine condition is likely to be valued higher than something that is newer and chipped. Additionally, it’s important that the expert valuing the furniture considers how popular it is likely to be among bidders and whether it is one of a kind, as items that are unique often fetch more.

It is also recommended to shop around and have the luxury furniture valued by a few different people as one person’s trash could be another person’s gold, as the saying goes. Furniture experts should have a similar value price, though one may spot something special that others miss. By having a second and third opinion, you can go to auction confident in the value you have been given.

Iconic Furniture Auction

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