Boutique hotel design tips to capture attention

Design is one of the most important elements of any boutique hotel, giving visitors an immediate glimpse at the style and feel of your offering. Here are a few of our top design tips to help you make the most of your hotels unique features with some clever interior design…

Accessorise Your Spaces

The clever use of accessories will instantly elevate your boutique hotel to a new level of style and sophistication. The smaller objects in a hotel’s décor can often be overlooked in favour of the ‘big picture’ but they are often the objects with the most impact when it comes to telling the ‘story’ of your hotel. An interesting ornament, a vase of fresh flowers in a tonal shade, or a talking-point painting on the wall will all provide plenty to catch your visitors’ eye during their stay.

Try a Statement Headboard 

Supersized, fashion-forward headboards provide an immediate sense of luxe to boutique hotel rooms. Bridging the gap between budget hotels and large luxury complexes, customers are seeking something a little out of the ordinary – and a feature such as this will provide just that. Some great finds can be picked up at furniture auctions, and the options are limitless – for clean, minimalist interiors choose a plain block colour or for more eclectic spaces opt for an equally detailed pattern in clashing fabrics or tones.

Use Plush Soft Furnishings

Choosing high-end, luxurious fabrics is a great way to give all the areas of your hotel an achievably decorative and relaxing feel. Choosing bold patterns will create statement pieces, while fabrics such as silk or touchable cottons will add extra dimension to everything from cushions to chairs, throws and bed sheets.

Remember the Lighting

Consider your interior design choices as a way of setting the scene. Consider the desired mood of your hotel and how best this can be translated through that most overlooked of design elements; lighting. Not only do you need to be sure the light is of the right ‘type’ to convey what you are hoping to, but also that the fixtures and fittings you select will provide the right aesthetic to tie in with the rest of your pieces. Neutral hotel décor is best displayed in a warm, golden light which accents the best features of your communal spaces and hotel rooms, while more complex, layered colour palettes will be better supported by an equally varied selection of lighting styles.

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