3 Tips For Finding Perfect Lots At Digital Auctions

More people than ever are switching attending an auction in person for bidding through an online platform and it isn’t hard to see why; it’s convenient, easy and saves you travelling from location to location in search of something to buy. Bidding at a digital auction can be just as good as going to the auction itself and all of the same items are on offer. However, it can be difficult to locate them.

Searching lots and identifying key pieces is possible at digital auctions, but it does require a little extra input from you as a bidder. Whereas at a standard auction everything is there in front of you and you’re given the required information as you enter, a digital auction requires you to know what you’re doing and what you want to bid on before the auction starts. You really need to be on the ball and aware to ensure nothing is missed.

How To Secure The Best Lots At Digital Auctions

Find Rare Items Quickly: Rare items are often the most popular at auction as they are much more difficult to come by. If you are bidding online it is important to find rare items as soon as they are listed, before others do. This means you can follow it through the auction and keep on top of all bidding. Rare items are great if you can get your hands on them; not only are they impressive to have for yourself, but they can also fetch a profit if you’re looking to sell them on in the future.

Find Pieces You Like: At any digital auction there are likely to be a number of pieces that catch your eye, these can make the perfect lots to bid on. Though they may not appeal to everyone’s taste, if you’re looking for something specific and fall in love with an item straightaway it’s well worth putting your focus on securing the highest bid. You are much more likely to enjoy a purchase if it’s something you truly love.

Find Bargains: If you’re someone who has a great knowledge of the auction world and know a lot about luxury furniture and antique pieces, use this to your advantage. If you spot something you feel is undervalued, get bidding! Not only could you bag yourself a bargain but you could use it to make a profit in the future.

At Iconic Furniture Auction we specialise in luxury furniture collections, with live and web auctions being held throughout the year. Find out more about our upcoming auctions.

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